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The Emmaus Library draws inspiration from the passage in Luke 24:13-35 when two of the disciples were going to a village called Emmaus, about seven miles from Jerusalem.

They were at first confused, disappointed and without hope. They did not understand what had happened. Jesus came and walked with them. He listened to them and discussed with them. He offered explanation and interpretation of their experience from the perspective of the Scripture and God’s will. As a result, their eyes were opened and they finally saw God. Their hearts were rekindled with fire and passion for God and life. They went and told everyone what had happened to them.

The two believers’ experience resembles many of our own experiences in the present age. Life is a journey, full of uncertainty, crisis, confusion, and disappointment. Sometimes the future seems unclear. Doubts about God and life are not unusual. Like the two believers, we need someone to walk alongside us to help us to see life from the perspective of the Scripture and God’s will, to be aware of the presence of God and to discern the work of God in our lives. At other times, we simply want to know how to grow more intimately with Christ in our relationship with Him.

The resources in Emmaus Library are intended to guide you in your spiritual journey with God. They will guide you to see life from the perspective of the Scripture and God’s Will, so that your hearts may burn with passion to love God more fervently, to embrace your call more fully, and to participate in God’s mission more faithfully.

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